Question Question about starting fresh with a new Google account and associated apps and software (Chrome, Play Music, Drive, etc.) after resetting PC

Feb 18, 2019
When I am finished with graduate school, my intention is to close my current Google account and start completely fresh with a new Google account. With the number of programs and files that I have added and/or changed over the years during my attendance in graduate school, I also plan to reset my Windows 10 operating system back to factory settings as if it were brand new and start fresh. I would like my Google account and its software and apps, including the Chrome browser, Play Music, Drive, etc. to be as if they were brand new and out of the factory with all of their settings set to default. This includes settings such as privacy, security, advanced, etc.

The steps are as followed:

  1. Close down my current Google account
  2. Reset Windows 10 back to its factory settings as if it were brand new
  3. Create a new Google account
After I close my current Google account, reset Windows 10 back to its factory default settings as if brand new, and create a new Google account, will all of the Google account settings and programs like Chrome, Play Music, Drive, and so on be in their factory default settings as if they were brand new and came right out of the factory?

Also, I plan to reset my Samsung Galaxy S9+ and Galaxy Tab S3 back to their factory default settings after I create my new Google account. Will all of those Google settings also return to their default settings as if brand new?


Math Geek

you will lose anything you paid for under the old google account. but when you refresh all the OS's and start over, if you don't log into the old account, then none of the old stuff will be put on the device.

this does include all the contacts and such saved for you so be sure to back all that up so you can add it to your new account.

if you're asking can you keep all that stuff and transfer it to a new account automatically by google, then no. it's all or nothing as far as i know with google. so any apps and such you paid for and all the settings will go away with the new account. as if you've never had a google account before