Question Question about Tantalum Polymer Capacitor

Aug 8, 2021
So, I am new to this whole soldering game as well as motherboard electronics along with board circuits. Excuse my ignorance if I call something the wrong name or give an incorrect reference. I have Dell 1545 motherboard and I am learning how to follow the power path and checking capacitors to see if any are shorted out. I have a pretty good idea what needs replaced I just need help finding the correct replacement.

I have a small rectangular (I think it is called a Tantalum Polymer Capacitor) its basically a black chip with the following writing:


I am trying to find a couple of these.

1. So I guess 1st of all did I get the name of the part right? (What it is actually called)

2. Where is the best place to order stuff like this and what UF and Voltage do I need to replace it with. Need help calculating how that is done as well.

Any help for the newbie trying to blow up some stuff while trying to fix it is appreciated.

(I do know you can't install it backwards)


-+ because it will blow up 💣