Question about temperatures


May 1, 2008
Alright so what im trying to find out is my fan setup and temps okay and if not how can i change them for the better... Heres my setup

Asus P5N-E Sli MOBO
E6850 C2D (Stock 3.0 GHZ O.Ced to 3.41 GHZ) with Arctic Silver Only been on for 2 days and both CPU and HSF are lapped
2 Geforce 6800GS in SLI
4 GB of RAM (2x 2GB)
1 250gb HDD
1 200gb HDD
2 optical Drives
1 Nexus Fan Controller
500W PSU
Basic Mid size case
-------Fan Setup-----
1 120mm in front (intake)
1 120mm in side directly over cpu (intake)
1 120mm back (exhaust)
2 x 80mm on top (exhaust)
extra vent on side under 120mm
CPU has stock Intel Heatsink( i know, upgrade it...) i also removed the stock fan and mounted an 80mm fan on top of heatsink blowing down
1 extra 80mm and 2x 120mm fans just lying around
----------Temperatures as read by Everest Ultimate-------------
MOBO- 34
CPU 35-37(Idle) 48-55(100% Load)
CORE1 42-44(Idle) 82(100% Load)
CORE2 43-45(Idle) 82(100% Load)
GPU1 44
GPU2 43
HDD's 30-35

Alrighty there is all that i have to give any help would be awesome!! or if something looks good please let me know. and yes i know my stock heatsink should be thrown out the window but thats all i have for now!
2 Geforce 6800GS in SLI

I think (hope) you mean 8800GS SLI...

Your temps look fine as does your fan setup. The only thing I would wory about is your 500W PSU. Depending on the +12V amperage it may be a good idea to upgrade it.


I only saw the 42-45C range for the Load, not 82C.
82C is to hot. Try lowering your core voltage to the minimum needed to stay stable. If that dose not lower your temps, you will need a new cooler.