Question about Temperatures


Mar 13, 2009
So I thought my northbridge temp sensor was broken, cause it always stayed at 78C. Imagine my surprise today when it was at a blistering 79. I was shocked. Ran out of the house in my boxers and started screaming at the top of my lungs at 2 AM. Then a cat ran by and I tried to set my suit to invisible mode (I had been playing crysis) and I realized that the line between real and virtual life had been dissolving for quite some time now. LOL. So seriously, 79 is much too hot right? And it must be working right? Everything else is fine. CPU never goes above 58, idle is 33. GPU hasn't seen 65, norm load is 60ish. But then the fans come on, and never go above 50%, though I've run them manually at 100% before because I wasn't sure they went that high.
What should I do, I'm thinking something to the effect of a Northbridge HSF

Oh, it's a Gigabyte (surprise, surprise, every northbridge temp question on the interwebz invovles a gigabyte motherboard [great product, hot nb's]) MA-770-UD3


Mar 10, 2006
does increasing the case fan speeds lower the temp any? Have you tried removing the heatsink, cleraning and applying a good thermal compound? Might be worth a try.


+ 1 , a p p ly n e w t h e r m a l c o m p o u n d, c l e a n o f f t h e H S F w i t h r u b b i n g a l c o h o l f i r s t ! g o o d l u c k m y f r i e n d !