Question about the Geforce 5200


Jul 2, 2009
Hey all, well I sorta have question which I need answered and all help would be appreciated... So.. basically, I was wondering, if I get a 128MB Geforce 5200 (mobo only uses PCI T_T and thats the only card available where I can buy it at =/) would it be able to play WoW at the LOWEST settings at 1024x768 fullscreen res at least smoothly? I read about persons getting between 25-35 fps.. which would be wayyyy better than my integrated chipset...

I have a 2.4 GHz P4 and 1.25GB RAM, and with the integrated it would run WoW at the same settings mentioned at around 10-15 fps outside and 25fps inside instances and such...

So basically will the 5200 perform better than my Intel 82845? I at least want like 10-15fps in raids and such... Once again any help appreciated...