Question about the next gen graphics cards.


Jun 23, 2011
I have been wanting to put a graphics card in my computer for a while, but I have been limited to a 460w PSU. I was wondering if the next line of Nvidia and AMD would have better performance per watt? The most that I could possibly get now is a 6850, and that would still be pushing it. If anyone has the answer, I would really appreciate it if you could help me out.
if your PSU is a major name brand
then it can handle some higher end cards
Nvidia and AMD always overestimate their cards PSU needs for liability reasons
I mean dont stick a HD 6990 on there but read reviews about power usage of cards you are interested in
My HD 5670 is rated for 400 watts but I run it on a 280w PSU
just make sure to check out what the power numbers on reviews are

check out this thread about the new generation
what exact psu is it? if its a crappy generic one then you really need to update it, if its a good brand like antec, seasonic or something, then it will be fine. I ran my 6850 of a 4 year old 470w thermaltake PSU for a while with no issues for what its worth. And thats not even a very good PSU. I did come to my senses and upgrade it, but thats because i plan on doing more upgrades in the future and will need more power.