Question Question about the pc being on the floor.


Nov 30, 2018
So about some months ago i moved my desktop on the desk for better temps.

It has been bugging me recently and i wonder if i can put it back down on the floor, there's has no carpet and the floor is regulary vaccumed, should i worry about higher temps if i put it down on the floor?
It's better if there is no carpet. All you want to make sure is that your case has the stands to sit on so that if you have a floor facing PSU it isn't suffocated of air flow.

I keep mine on the floor and simply put a wooden plate underneath it as it's a thick carpet floor and there are no issues. Just check your temps when you move it and adjust accordingly.

Phillip Corcoran

If it's an uncarpeted wooden floor, no need for a board or a fat book, just sit it on the floor.
If case stand-offs are not very high, you might want to fit some higher stick-on ones for good measure.
I wouldn't use books for the job, that's not my style at all. Very crude. If you're going to do it, do it right.