Question about the Radeon HD 5450


Aug 11, 2011
Hi all,

I was just wondering if the Radeon HD 5450 would be able to play games like, Civilization 4 and 5, Left 4 Dead 2, Fallout 3, Mass Effect 2, Metro 2033, etc on MEDIUM settings? It is only $35 and has good reviews, and videos on youtube seem like it will run L4D2 and ME2 fine on high settings, so on medium it should be fine, right?

You should definitely aim higher than a 5450. You might be able to barely get medium settings out of some of the less demanding games like Fallout 3 or L4D2, but it definitely will struggle on Metro 2033. Mass Effect 2 may not perform well either, a card of comparable power, the HD 4350 is specifically stated to be below minimum system requirements for that game. The 5450 will probably just barely be able to play it. As said above, go for an HD 5670, it's significantly faster, and will be able to run any game at at least medium settings at 1080p.
Sapphire is known for making good quality cards, though their warranty support outside the US isn't that great. ASUS, XFX, and MSI are also decent brands. The 5670 isn't an extremely powerful card so you probably don't need to worry about advanced coolers or anything like that unless you intend to overclock. Just go with whichever option is less costly or gives you better warranty support.