Question Question about updating ASRock BIOS

Sep 2, 2019
I recently built a PC using an ASRock B450M Pro4 mobo, and I've been having issues that I'm not quite sure the source of. I had someone suggest to me to do a BIOS update as a possible solution, but on ASRock's website it says

"ASRock do NOT recommend updating this BIOS if Pinnacle, Raven, Summit or Bristol Ridge CPU is being used on your system."
And, well, I'm using a Ryzen 5 2600, which is Pinnacle Ridge.

The website also says

"We do not recommend users to update the BIOS if their system is already running normally."
Which my system isn't.

So, what should I do? Update my BIOS b/c my system isn't running normally, or not update my BIOS b/c of the CPU I have?

Edit: Well, I haven't gotten a reply anywhere I've asked, so I just proceeded to update the BIOS. Here's hoping I don't continue to have my issue in the future, and hopefully no new issues will occur...
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