Question about upgrade


Jan 23, 2013
OK, I am looking to upgrade my graphics, I have no clue where to start, I have read a couple threads and I have taken advice, I have some screenshots from CPU-Z, I cant figure out how to upload them, as I'm sure they may help in guiding me in the right direction, if I could only get someone to view them. Well, my budget is like 150 tops, dont know if thats alot or what. In another thread I read, a member was given the choice to upload the shots or name his motherboard, so mine is EL1352G, by Emachines. I am running an NVIDIA GeFORCE 6150SE nFORCE 430, whatever that means. AMD Sempron 145, which is probably weak im guessing. Anyways, Im trying to get the most out what I have at the time for Flight Simulator X, and I'm thinking an upgrade is in the near future, just need some direction. Thanks.
I will show you how you upload images from CPU-Z I had shown someone else on the forums though illustrations this should help you.



Okay I'm looking at your specifications here.

A couple of things. Your CPU is rather weak which will cause issues with the more modern GPU's. Flight simulator X isn't a very intensive game. I would recommend something in line with a 7750.

Also, something to keep in mind. Is that your power supply may be to small to really support a graphics card. I'm looking around and I can't seem to find the power supply within your particular computer however I did find a computer really close to your specific one.
and it uses a 220w power supply which if that is the case I would advise against any upgrade till you could upgrade it.
confirmed you have a 220W PSU. Yea I would address that first.

I would take a look at some low profile cards because I suspect your case because its a slim design is a low profile case.

Also, in terms of a power supply something like this will do just fine.

And finally please before you purchase anything be sure that the dimensions of your case can support these upgrades. The graphics card I'm certain it can the power supply I'm unsure because retail store bought computers sometimes use proprietary components.

This picture kind of supports my theory that its proprietary the power supply looks odd.



Jun 17, 2011
I don't think you really need to provide any screen shots.

Is this your computer?

This is probably your power supply @ 250w

If my above assumptions are correct, your upgrade options are relatively limited but can provide a significant boost in graphics over what you've got. Look for a low profile, low wattage card.

The 145 isn't a very powerful CPU but like you said you want to work with what you've got. I have one running in a HTPC box. You may want to look for a bios hack for that PC which will let you try to unlock the additional core the processor is hiding, that will give the PC a decent boost. Its unlikely you'll find a new bios for that PC but its worth a shot.

Only issue with all that is, flight simulator X is very CPU intensive so no matter what video card you get, the game is going to be unplayable in many situations... :( Your cheapest best solution might be to save up some more and get one of the A10-5800 CPUs + motherboard...