Question Question about upgrading GPU


Jun 23, 2016

Not exactly a needed upgrade but I notice my CPU (8700k) running at 4.3Ghz and my GPU (1070ti titanium edition) basically maxing out on Far Cry New Dawn with all settings High at 1440p.(No overclock on any systems) It seems like its the only thing in my system that maxes out on pretty much any game that I play. I get that 1440p its more intensive and I don't intend on going any higher on resolution and I kinda refuse to do SLI since the support for SLI doesn't really work in a lot of new titles.

Are there any new cards that I could get that I could get with my system build listed that would inherently improve my system?

Not exactly super needed but it would be nice to see if anyone has any insight into possible future upgrades or as to why it would seem that my system GPU with how much power it has is seemingly always bottlenecking on the GPU even though the card has plenty of VRAM left over.

Note: Wondering if it could be a cooling issue as the card tends to have a idle temp of around 50C and load temp of 70C. I do possibly intend on upgrading the case size to a full atx but not sure currently.


Feb 16, 2019
Most games are GPU limited and will peg it at 99-%100 utilization. Obviously an upgrade of the GPU to a better one ie; 1080ti will help a lot. You could try upping the fan curve to help cooling and see if that helps.

When you say "maxing out" I'm guessing you mean GPU utilization?


Feb 20, 2016
I would start by changing drivers. If that helps great.

Then I would reapply thermal paste. My favorite is Noctua NT-H1. Cooler Masters thermal paste did a good job on my r9 270x back in the day and that has the TDP of 180W as your 1070ti. These thermal pastes used to be $4-$6 but are now inflated to around $10.

The 1070 Ti is supposed to have a max resolution of 8K, but that is most likely just watching videos. 8K has been the standard in the film industry for a few years now, but if you notice our graphic card companies are trying to keep up. The difficulty in engineering has always been building powerful hardware to keep up with software. If you watch tech videos on YouTube or take part in Nvidia's higher learning seminar's you can pick out that we are on a great path, but if you were to compare the 970 generation enthusiasts getting 150+ fps in 1080p while gaming at ultra to the 1070 (non ti) getting under 100 in 2K. Check this video out:

Also, If you only have 8GB of system RAM, upgrade to 16GB and it will help the stabilization of your whole system out.