[SOLVED] Question about using phones tethering for pc gaming


Feb 17, 2010
Hello, I recently moved to a very small town with wireless internet for the whole town. For the most part its surprisingly good, but its not suitable for online games that require a stable ping. On a whim when the internet here went out (again) I tested my cellphones connection with tethering, and its actually shockingly good. I wouldn't download anything on it because of my data cap but when I tried a game of Tekken even with someone with a 4/5 bar strength..it was perfect.

Recently its been a bit more unsteady for gaming, so my question is what can I do if anything to get a more stable connection on my cellphone? Would getting a higher quality USB cable help? Does it even matter for the level of bandwidth going through it?

The only real thing I saw online was a cellphone booster, but it seems a little expensive for something I'm not sure would solve my issue. The connection NEVER drops unlike the towns wireless internet, but the ping sometimes throws hissy fits.

Math Geek

your cell signal is pretty much like the wifi from the town. it is a radio signal that is subject to all kinds of interference. it is interesting that you get a better quality signal from the cell tower but that's not a bad thing. you will still see higher than you'd like to see ping times due to the signal having to transmit and receive from far away introducing lag.

there really is not much you can do to make that better. you have a strong signal already which is the best you can ask from your end of it. the rest is up to the tower, how much traffic it is seeing and other elements out of your control. you really need a cable/fiber connection to stay stable and minimize ping for gaming purposes.