Question about voltage control on fans?

Oct 14, 2018
The fans I'm using are only 3 pin so they don't work with pwm control. But I do see an option in my bios for voltage control. Currently, I'm using a fan hub to power these fans from a single system fan header (3 fans on one header). Will voltage speed control work with this configuration? Thanks!


Oct 30, 2014
from what i recall

3pin fans run based on voltage which can be changed on soem MB's. So the speed 'can" be changed, but its not changable whiel using the PC. (to change fan speed you'd have adjust bios for it anytime you wanted to run em at a different speed)

4pin use PWR which can adjust their speed even while the PC is in use.

I wont say if you can use it or not (as i am not very good at voltage related stuff as i never wanan risk ruining a component)
If the hub supports it yes.
3 pin fans can be controlled by bios settings or with software in windows on most aftermarket motherboards.
Not all headers on all motherboards support this some will be a mixture of both.
A good percentage of OEM motherboards can be controlled by software. Many can not. And some times it takes a little tinkering with settings to get it just right.
If you posted your exact motherboard model and fan hub we could give a definite yes or no.
Oct 14, 2018

Is it like the above user said where the speed stays set at whatever it is in the bios and doesn't change unless you change it again in the bios? Could've sworn I saw a setting in there to adjust it with different temps (CPU, System, etc.)
My Asus motherboard has bios options for silent, normal, high performance for CPU and case fans seperately. It controls 3 or 4 pin fans on its headers.
As the CPU gets hotter the CPU and Case fans increase with temperature.
In speedfan you can set the case fans to increase with cpu temp or Gpu temp or motherboard temp.
In windows I can use Asus fan expert or Speedfan to control fans Automatically. Set custom curves depending on temp.etc....
Like I stated earlier, it depends on the mothrboard support and bios. Some OEMs are completely locked so software does not work.