Sep 13, 2006
I have 2x512 crucial ballistix 667. They are running at 650. My timings are actually a little better than listed in the spd under cpu-z so I really don't have a problem with how they are running. However, crucial's site say they run at 2.2v and mine defaulted to 1.85v. They are listed as supported in my motherboard manual and yes I know how to change the voltage in my bios, but I was wondering, should I or do I need to. Is this "undervolting" harming them? I realize I may pick up a tick on my timings if I jump to 2.2v but I don't mind leaving it where they are if there is no harm in doing so. Any constructive replies would be appreciated.


Actually, Crucial's site doesn't exactly say they run at 2.2V. It says that Crucial will only guarantee the specific speed/timings it's advertised at if the modules are run at 2.2V. If you're happy with the speed and timings you are getting at a lower voltage, there's no harm in running at a lower voltage. Just make sure to run memtest86+ thoroughly to make sure you aren't getting any errors.

Note that the timings in the SPD are usually conservative timings, not the faster speeds/timings in the module's elevated-voltage spec.