Mar 9, 2020
I am currently using a cheap wifi adapter in my desktop. I have a new router and I am about 35-45ft away from it in a seperate room by 1 wall. My connection has been spotty the past 3 weeks and I think its about time I try and fix it. Would something like a better/more expensive usb wifi adapter work or should I be looking into wifi extenders? The adapter I currently have is "EDUP AC600M USB Wi-fi Dongle 802.11ac Wireless Network Adapter with Dual Band 2.4GHz/5Ghz High Gain Antenna". Any input is greatly appreciated because I do not know much about this topic.
When equipment first out brand name stuff is important now that the technology is more mature you do not find a lot of difference between these unknown brands and the large names. Internally they likely use the same chips. Customer service though is very different.

That device is better than some of the cheap USB adapters you can find . Key is it has a large external antenna. Many people complaining bought those extremely tiny ones that almost fit inside the USB slot.

I would first try a USB extension cable to see if better positioning helps. The best usb wifi cards for desktops come with a extension cable and stand to get it away from the metal case that can block signals.

Hard to say if a different usb device will work better. What you want is device that transmits at full legal power, many USB devices do not to save battery power. Generally ones with large extenal antenna are full power units. You would have to get the fccid and look it up in the database.

It could just be the unit failed. I would first try to change the radio channels on your router. Maybe a neighbors got a new router and is stomping on your signals. Also try 2.4g and 5g maybe it is using the other band and you did not realize.

A wifi extender is not some magic device. It will get the same crappy signal you current USB card does. Pretty much it is a wifi nic that is connected via ethernet rather than USB when you use it next to your computer. A repeater must be placed were it can receive good signal but still send the signal to your pc via wifi. In your case that likely would be in the middle of the wall.

Maybe try a cellphone or something and see if they all get poor signals. If it is just the computer replacing it might help. Otherwise consider other technology like MoCA if you have tv coax in both rooms or powerline network adapters.