Question about wireless AP

Oct 13, 2018
Hey, So I got a new router which supports GPON fiber optic, but they put it to the corner of the house which is the least used place! (and no replacing the router placement is not an option becuase this fiber optic cable was afterthought so they put messy cables, so changing placement of the primary wifi is not an option) And when I'm not sitting too close to the wifi, sometimes channels get messed up because our neighbours has wifi too (this router doesnt support 5 ghz (duh) ) so I tried to put an AP near to place where I use wifi frequently. Set everything up, put different IP address and stuff but I had 1 BIG problem: I needed to connect my 1st main wifi to this AP wifi router. But the distance between them is so long so bringing a cable is not a solution. Is there any way to get over this and make it wirelessly? main wifi is innbox G64, helper or AP wifi is linksys WAG54G2. Thanks for the help!
WAG54G2 is very outdated. one of the new wireless mesh kits, like netgear orbi, can get you wifi everywhere. it should be able to handle 150-250Mbs. If your internet is faster then you will need to run ethernet.

If you get a kit like this turn the wifi off your router.

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