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Question question bout ram thingies


Jan 23, 2018
I just realized that I was running single channel and there's a huge difference between single channel and dual channel so I was planning to buy a HyperX DDR3 1866mhz ram (I already have one, i'm planning to buy another one just so it'll be dual channel) but my motherboard only supports up to 1600mhz ram speed cuz it's not a gaming mobo. Will I still be able to use dual channel properly?
Yes the 1866 RAM will include titmings to run at slower speeds. The modules will run at
A- The speed of the slowest module. Or
B- The highest speed the motherboard supports
Don't worry about the difference between 1866 and 1600 speed the effect is much smaller because some other timings improve at the lower speed. There will be no noticeable difference.