[SOLVED] Question for battery experts: proper inverter?

Jan 3, 2019
I've got a major 4x4 camping trip coming up in a couple of weeks. I have a deep cycle 50aH battery and one of those 18aH jump starters with ac outlet. I'd rather save the jump starter in case I need to do some actual jump starting, so I'm trying to make sure I have a suitable rig to run my cpap (without humidifier) off the deep cycle battery for maybe one, definitely not more than two, nights between charges.

I've already spent a ton on equipment and I'd rather not spend any more. Soooo ... what I have lying around the house is:

- the 50aH deep cycle battery
- a cable that has clips to attach to the battery on one end and a cigarette lighter-style outlet on the other
- a cigarette lighter inverter that claims to be rated 200w
- a trickle charger to charge the battery (and that I can plug into the ac outlets on my much larger inverter in my truck)
- AC adapter only for my APAP

I may try to mod a normal plastic battery box to make a pretty package, or I may just leave it as is.

My question is, can someone who understands batteries tell me if this set-up will work? I know I lose about 10% efficiency with the inverter as opposed to ordering a DC adapter, but will I still have enough juice to last a couple of nights? Finally, will a 200w https://mechanicguides.com/best-power-inverter/ inverter provide enough power to run the apap w/o humidifier?


This presumes we know what your cpap draws for power.
You may not have an issue as long as humidifier and heating (air & tube) are turned off but you definitely want to test this before heading out.



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