Question for WISP



First, you needs money. Lots and lots of money.
Secondly, you need lawyers, to navigate the regulatory and contractual hurdles you will encounter.

The "equipment" question is far too broad to be answered in a forum like this.
Jan 17, 2019
I just want to know what type of Access Points, CPE equipment and Backhauls i needed to start because i just want faster internet speeds than what i got i really dont care about every one else not having fast speeds its just my selfish need to have a faster intenet than 6 mbps.
The newest equipment is form of LTE that runs on the unlicensed frequencies. So the design is the same as cell companies and has the same issues.

First you must get a actual source of internet. Then you have to be able to lease tower locations that you can put the equipment on. The actual equipment is the tiniest part of the project. Unless you can afford to buy land to put up your own towers in the path you are going to have to find someone who will lease you space for a price you can afford.

I suspect this is all a waste of time if it is just for you. Just pay the cell phone company $10/gigabyte or whatever they charge and it will still be cheaper.

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