Question mark about HD 6770


Aug 9, 2011
Hey all ! I have recently built my computer ! The specs are Intel Pentium G840 ( for 1280x1024 resolution its great and also a nice price tag ) 4 GB of DDR 3 ram 1333 MHz and 1 TB seagate barracuda HDD . And the downside , a Super Power PSU lol ... it says that it is 500 or 550W i think and it has 1 12v rail and all the rails have 30 Amps which could possibly be loads of bullcrap , my friend bought it for 40 $ and gave it to me ! And now im thinking to buy a HD 6770 !

It is this model :

But with only 2 DVI slots , but i need a VGA but still , the question is , will this generic PSU will be able to run my computer with a HD 6770 ? Will i be able to play games maxed with no problems ( not like that but will the PSU cause something to the performance if i boost the games up to the limit ) . Will i need some cables like molex to 6-pin pci-ex , because this PSu doesnt have one . Or will i be able to run the card without some cables . And another possibility is to buy a new PSU , but then im going to buy a better graphics card of course , and the price will be different and i don't know if i will have the money for them both !

A HD 6770 140$ ( at my country) Or something like Corsair CX 500 v2 or Corsair GS 600 with a XFX HD 6850 OC ( total of 220 $ )


Jun 11, 2011
the 6850 wil lgive you better preformance without a doubt. and are you willing out to shell the money out is the question. but three are cards that have better preformance for the money then the 6850


Aug 3, 2011
Your build could probably run on a quality 350W PSU, so it should easily run on a crappy 500W PSU.

The 6850 will also run on a 500W PSU since it doesn't take that much more power than a 6770, so if you decide to go that route you don't need a 600W PSU if you can't afford it.

As for connectors, there are DVI to VGA adapters available.


Mar 31, 2009
Your PSU won't change the performance of your PC, it may reduce your ability to overclock though. If the PSU doesn't come with a 6pin PCI-e power plug, you will need to get a molex to 6pin PCI-e adaptor. Most GPU's come with a DVI-VGA adaptor. Since you aren't running a very high resolution you can stick with the 6770, if you plan on playing games @1920*1080 I suggest you move to the 6850 which also only requires a single PCI-e 6 pin power cable, anything higher and you will need two 6pin adaptors. Given your low resolution (1280x1024) you could probably go with a 6670 which to my knowledge doesn't require a 6pin molex and should run most games quite well at that resolution