Question Question on how to update a backup copy of a music folder in Windows 10


May 26, 2019
This question may sound odd, but I have recently completed ripping my music CD collection on Windows 10. I ripped roughly 470 CDs. I ripped them, using my CD ripping software, to a desired music folder with pre-programmed sub-folders such as artist and album. I also created a backup copy of the music folder after I had finished ripping my CD collection. I still purchase my music in CD format. I recently purchased a few new music CDs and plan to rip them and back them up. I am aware that I can backup my music by either creating a copy of the entire music folder or I can go into the sub-folder of the desired artist or album, copy it, and paste it in the backup music folder. Due to my large music CD collection, creating a completely new backup folder can take several hours and navigating to the desired artist or album sub-folder can be both a pain and possibly result in my pasting the copied folder in the wrong location of the backup folder. Is there an alternative method where I can update the backup copy of my music folder where all of the already existing files and folders are skipped and only the new files, folders, and sub-folders are added? I am sure there is a simple answer to this question, but I do not want to risk messing something up in my music collection's main folder or backup folder.



Mar 16, 2013
I want the backup music folder to be available incase something happens to the main music folder.
Directly available and recoverable are different things.

An Image saved with something like Macrium Reflect is recoverable.

A 1:1 copy of that folder tree is directly available.

A tool like FreeFileSync will copy the entire thing first, and then subsequent runs will identify and copy changes.
Saved in the exact folder structure and file types as it is now on the original drive.

Macrium Reflect can do a series of Incremental images, unattended on a schedule.
It will allow you to recover that image back to some other drive. ANd given a series of Incremental images, you can recover the state of the thing as it was "last Tuesday". Or whenever.