[SOLVED] Question on overclocking a 2080 ti

Jul 17, 2019
So I recently got a 2080 ti amp extreme from Zotac. Which so far runs games even better than I thought it would. I do have a few questions when it comes to getting the most out of it tho.
What is the average overclock for this type of card? I used the OC scanner on firestorm and it said that the best overclock would be +45mhz on the boost clock. This seems really low and I'm wondering what the problem might be. My guess is that it has to do with my PSU as I'm using a 650 gold from EVGA and I am also using one of the 8 pin connectors that is split into 2. My other question is what the average maximum power percentage is. My card can go up to 112% max while my 1060 I had before got up to 120%, could this be because of my PSU or is it just the max for this card in general? I don't believe any of this is because I got unlucky with the silicon lottery since when I used userbenchmark my GPU was in the 96th percentile.
You have a card that was highly factory overclocked.
Card makers bin their chips and put the best in their premium overclocked versions.
You may get a bit more by overclocking, but do not count on it.
Really, you probably can't notice a small bump.

Just enjoy your card.

The psu is fine, it will have several 6+2 power connectors which you use to plug into your two 8 pin ports.
No problems there.