Question on Replacement Displays


Aug 27, 2019

I replaced the screen on my HP Chromebook 11” with a BrightFocal display since I broke the OEM one. The colors are different — I can’t tell whether the colors are distorted or not, but the blacks are definitely darker. I compared with the OEM screen and the screens are clearly different. However, with a screen change, does the battery life suffer? With different colors and light and technical discrepancies like that, will the battery drain faster? I’m afraid the screen is drawing more power than an OEM display would to output different colors and lights. What are your thoughts? Sorry if I sound like an idiot; I am just very paranoid and concerned. I read a Reddit thread anout a person who replaced their OEM laptop display with a BrightFocal one; he saw an increase in brightness and different colors.

Thank you.


It is never recommended to replace laptop screens with any screen different from the one that came with it. Your luck to find one that worked at all. Laptops are cases aren't standard and are designed to match the motherboards which the screen cables are connected to. Laptops are VERY proprietary.