Question on replacing multiple components (Activation problems?)


Nov 20, 2006
Looking to overhaul my current pc and replace the Mb, Cpu, Vc, Ram and Psu while keeping my WD Velociraptor Hdd, Dvd burner and Case.

My question is --
Will I run into any software problems with Windows or Kaspersky after I change out the listed components?

Currently have Win XP Pro and Kaspersky Internet Security 7.0 installed (both retail). Those are the only 2 things I'm worried about with Activation, etc after the changeout of components.

You should be fine .

I have made similar swaps and even changed the hard drive which had the old system cloned to it and MS allowed an online re-activation of OEM XP .

Other have told me they had to re-activate over the phone but MS are pretty generous to genuine users