Question on the 8700k speeds.


Sep 11, 2017
From what I've read, the 8700k base speed is slower than the 7700k, and roughly 4.2 in "turbo mode" and 4.8ish from OC.

My questions is: Does Turbo Mode happen passively or does it require some tweeking by the user? Also, can a new builder like myself achieve the 4.8GHz OC speeds easily or will it require an experienced over clocker to make this happen? The ASUS MB's have what they call a "one button OC" but i'm not completely sure if this applies to getting the 8700k into that 4.8 range.



You are asking for specifics on a CPU which is not yet released.

There are some (unreliable?) info out there as leaks. You can read those and guess like the rest of us until it is actually released.
The turbo speed will happen without any tweaking by the user. The way it works is the base clock of 3.7ghz which boost to 4.3 for all 6 cores. The CPU will then boost to 4.7 on just one core for applications requiring single threads. This is good for gaming, as many games like fast single threaded performance and the 8700k, if kept cool, will hit 4.7 for single threads out of the box without the user doing anything.

As for the 4.8 OC, no one knows until it is released. 4.8 would be a very good overclock for all 6 cores, and if the CPU can be kept cool, I think it is achievable. But Skylake X has serious cooling issues and hopefully Coffee Lake wont have the same issues.

But I would not do the "on button OC". Each chip is different and some chips require more voltage than necessary to hit certain speeds. More voltage = more heat. Heat is bad for performance and bad for a CPU lifespan. So when you use the "one button OC" the motherboard supplies a lot more voltage than is necessary because it needs to be stable for every chip, even the really bad ones. So you always want to set your OC manually. If you have good cooling, it is very easy.

All you have to change is the V-core and the Frequency. The frequency is the desired speed and the V-core is the volts. I like to keep my volts below 1.4 and with load temps under 80C. Everyone has an area that they are comfortable with, those are mine. There are numerous videos to show how to OC, it is not that complicated.
That 4.7 GHz is when a process pegs a single core/thread and like Turbo Boost in the past, will be completely automatic. More cores loaded = lower turbo boost speeds, but still above the base frequency.

The 1-click OC will - at least in the past - take all 4 (6) cores up to whatever speed ASUS claims.

TJ Hooker

7700K - 4.2 GHz base, 4.5 max turbo
8700k - 3.7 GHz base, 4.7 GHz max turbo

Max turbo clocks are typically only hit when one core is being used, although I seem to remember reading about the 7700k hitting 4.5 GHz on all cores (although this may have been down to the mobo used in the review). Turbo boost is passive, and requires no intervention/tweaking from the user.

As far as overclocking goes, in theory coffee lake should clock as high or higher than kaby lake, given it's the same architecture and basically the same process. That being said, the 8700k has 50% more cores than the 7700k, so that's a lot more heat to deal with. So I doubt the 8700K will hit the same max OC on all cores as a 7700K can, unless you're using a very beefy cooler and/or delidding.