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Question Question Overclocking 9700k


Sep 10, 2014
Ok first off here is my system specs

Asus ROG strix Z390-e mobo\
9700k CPU
Corsair H100i Platinum AIO
RTX 2060KO Ultra GPU
16gigs GSkill Titans RGB with clock speed up to 4266
EVGA 80+ gold 650 watt PSU
Segotep Argus case

Ok just recently OCed my CPU to 5.0 GhHz with what I thought no issue, until I ran Realbench just for a benchmark at first with HWinfo monitoring and I noticed that my clock speeds never went past 3.9 with all 8 cores running at 100%. I don't get what's the issue. In my UEFI bios it says target frequency 5000?? Here's the steps I took in the overclock
Sync all cores to 50
Disabled multicore enhancement
Disable CPU SVID
In internal Digi + Power control, set loadline calibration Lvl 6 and CPU current capability to 140%
CPU core/ cache voltage to manual 1.30v
In internal CPU Power Management set Short/ Long duration's to max
Now I admit it's been a while since I OCed at all in like 7 or so years and I have down some digging into this. Also I'm not sure if this would matter or not, but with this new build I am now using Win 10 for the first time, from Win 7

Anyway if anyone of you have any insight what the issue is here, please let me know.....
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