Question Question PC running awfully strange. Occasional stutters and DPC latency skyrockets as system runs.


Jan 3, 2019
my system:
* bought within the past week
AMD 5 3600 *
SSD 860 QVO 1 terabyte*
MSI MPG x570 gaming plus*
16Gbs 2400Hz Ripjaws ram
GTX 1080
Windows 10 PRO*
I have a relatively new PC. The main credentials are brand new. I have seen some really weird issues with my computer though that I dont think should be happening the first week of the system running.

The other day, I was noticing really bad stuttering after about 2 hours of use. it would stutter indefinitely until I restarted the computer. Then I would be good for about an hour or so until it happened again. Rinse and repeat.

I kind of fixed that issue though.... i think. I did a reinstall of my windows and clean installed. I am bummed out about it, but fortunately there wasnt anything to recover. Everything ran well the past two days until I noticed subtle audio glitches and very subtle glitches in my mouse.
I looked it up online. I downloaded DPC latency checker. My latency sits around 1000 us (weird u. Dont know what it is called). It will spike to about 8000 us occasionally.
My task manager is fine. CPU does not pass 5% and the other hardware stays at 0% as of the time of writing this.
I really appreciate any help! I really do.
PS. I have read online about it being my drivers and I have check that and updated them all with drivereasy

EDIT: I just checked one of my drivers and my latency is now at 101,900 us and my computer audio and mouse is stuttering really bad. This is at 1:16 PM. I have to restart my computer now.