Question Question regarding 1080p resolution on optix mag27c monitor

Aug 23, 2020
Please excuse my lengthy question as I do not know much about monitor and can't find any other way to find out what I am experience is normal or not.
Recently I acquired a 27 inch 1080p curved monitor after using my old one at1650 x 1050 for many many years. The one thing I notice is that my games have a wider look to them, especially playing dark souls 3. I know the screen is much larger compared to my old one which was only 22 inches, But i am wondering if this is normal. To explain better when i am playing a game it's like there is more of a wide screen effect, or rather things were stretched from side to side, like i lost height and gained more width if that makes sense, While on the old one everything visually seemed even from top to bottom side to side. For example A castle on my old monitor would look taller, on my new one it looks somewhat wider. Now using the internet like youtube facebook etc everything seems even and fine, but in games it seems different. If this is normal please excuse my question, If not any helpful tips on how to correct it would be helpful. Also resolution on desktop is same as in game and drivers are updated.


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What graphics card are you running? Have you set the playable resolution to the correct one for THIS monitor, IN the game?

Might take a look this too. I've read that quite a few people have had issues with stretched/smashed resolutions on DS3.



If res on desktop and res in game is set to 1080p (1920x1080p) then what you're now seeing is right.

I think maybe your old monitor was stretching vertically (with it being 16:10 rather than standard 16:9 wide-screen)

You had an extra 10% on the vertical ratio on your old screen.


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Post some screenshots of your game display. The guide below will explain how to post images on the Tom's hardware forum.