Question regarding adding wireless router to modem


May 19, 2012
Hey everyone,

I have a question and stumbled across this website. Im from Australia btw :)

If this thread is in the wrong section then please move it.

Im looking at buying a cheap/decent wireless router to improve wireless speeds and share a external hard drive on the network via usb. My current modem is a Speedtouch/Thomson 585. It's a wireless all in one modem.

The router im looking at in Australia is a TP-Link TL-WR1043nd.

I would like to know if i add a wireless router and bridge my current modem will this affect my online gaming on PS3 and xbox. Currently both xbox and ps3 has open NAT for all games we play (mainly call of duty series). No port forwarding required .. it has always been open. So its great for playing online games - no lag or issues in finding games.

Will adding a wireless router change this nat type or since the modem has always had a open nat type the wireless router won't change anything??

I also have a Speedtouch 780wl as a back up and it also has open nat for xbox and ps3.

Sorry for the stupid question but i thought i'd ask around before i purchase some new equipment.

Thanks for any help :)


Your backup can configure as a wireless AP, although the D-Link has a couple extra features and is probably a better device. Is your plan to use the 585 as your modem/router and add another device as an AP? If so, have you tried the 780wl already and not gotten a satisfactory wireless signal? How do you have it current configured -- different radio channels, same SSID and passphrase, wired connection from the 780wl to the 585?