Question Question regarding expired/no license for cisco catalyst switch


Oct 6, 2011
I was looking at cisco switches to upgrade the house and I saw "No CISCO license is included " with a Cisco catalyst 35XX switch. Would this be a non-issue? I understand there will be no support, or perhaps new features?, but all the "regular" functionality will work just fine, right? e.g. gigabit, poe, l2 and l3, vlans, etc? I don't care if there isn't an "upgrade path" or security update or whatever. Would a license or lack of one change anything for practical home use? Thanks.
It depends on what that means. The software that is loaded on the switch will continue to run. I have only seen firewalls that require yearly subscription to function not work. The issue is going to be what if they wipe the firmware. You will not be able to get a image to reload on the device very easily.

This may be just some legal stuff the seller has in their ad. Cisco allows the transfer of most licenses ever since they moved to a hardware based feature upgrade rather than just loading different firmware.

I would verify from the seller that the switch will boot and function without you having to reload firmware.
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