Question Regarding Install Directory and my HDD setup for my new build


Jul 18, 2011
Short Version:
Would running programs from a different drive than ur C drive run slower than if on ur C drive if the sata plugs and everything are identical? What about games?
How exactly do hard drives affect gaming? Ive heard they only affect load times, and ive heard they affect stuff like fps from the draw distance and all the objects/textures and what not that need to load. Does anyone have any links that would help me better understand the relation between gaming and hard drives over the relationship between how fast the cpu accesses the ram which accesses the hard drive?
Out of the following options what do you recommend?
- I use a WD 600 gig velociraptor sata III 10k rpm 32 mb cache drive as my C partition with my two 128gb Crucial RealSSD C300s as the main location for my games?
- I use the SSDs as my C partition, and change my default directory over to the 600 gig velociraptor thats assigned another partition?
- I stick with the 600 gig velociraptor as my C drive, and dont bother with the SSDs?
- I stick with my SSDs and and install all my large filed games and programs onto another drive like my WD Caviar Black 72k rpm 6.0gb/s drive?
- Or do you have another suggestion/idea/investment i should make?

The problem is i keep running out of room on my current SSD C partition on my old desktop and im sick of having to sift through all the files and figure out what i can move or uninstall and reinstall in another location, and many other things. Ive been told my old desktop build was bottlenecking the SSDs anyways since the 6 gig sata ports used a marvel raid controller which had lower performance ratings than the intel raid controller.

Full Version:
So i have a gaming rig ive been working on and sadly dont know enough about all the specs and everything im gonna be using/doing. I still have to finish reading the manuals of everything front to back before i boot this baby up. I dont want a single thing to go wrong with this build.

I will list the parts in a sec but first im gonna ask my question.
Im gonna be running a 10k rpm 600g 64mb cache HDD as my C partition. I own 2 "very fast" SSD drives(see link below). Im wondering if i will benefit from running the two drives in a raid 0 config on my mobo and using it to install my games on and keeping my install directory in the usual place.
If that doesnt work, maybe i could try using them again as my C partition and then using the 600 gig drive as my default directory.

What do you guys think is the better option, and what do you think i should do with my build. Im not trying to focus on super fast boot times or any of that. Im just looking for a pure breed gaming and super multitasking computer.
I could throw more money at this build if i wanted but i dont really wanna spend money on a new set of SSDs if my 600 gig drive will be just as good when it comes to online gaming and playing stuff like skyrim.
I would buy a 3rd SSD and use that in raid 0 which i was told i could do, but then read on here that i would need an expansion card of some sort, and even with that i would be bottle necking performance.

Ive also been told hard drives/directories have nothing to do with the gaming performance like rendering and fps, but rather just help with load times in games, ive also been told the reverse. What do you guys believe, and can anyone get me some proof? i wouldnt know where to start looking.

Heres My Build:
HDD: WD Velociraptor 600 gb (i think its only sata 3.0 sadly so i might be bottle necking it idk, any opinions?)

SSD: 2 crucial tech 128gb RealSSD C300 Series drives

PSU: Corsair AX1200

Mobo: Asus Rampage IV Extreme

CPU: Intel Core i7-3960X (LGA 2011)

RAM: G. Skill Ripjaws Z series 4 X 8gb 240 pin DDR3 1866 (PC3 14900) SDRam

GPU: 2 590 GTX Classified cards

Case: Cooler Master HAF X blue edition, ATX full tower case.

Cooling: Corsair H100 cpu cooler setup with a push pull config on the top/ceiling of the case running 4 75+ CFM fans as exhaust. Another one of those same fans but at 140mm as exhaust on the back. 1 200mm cooler master megaflow 200 intake @ 110 CFM on the front, another on the side, and two as exhaust on the top of the case. As well as a nifty feature from the case that directs air in from the bottom of the case through the PSU and directly out the back of the case. And to top it all off i have it on a shelf of its own on the wall up high near a window. Yes i dont like the idea of a full water cooling setup lol.

I provided links for relevant things you may wanna check out or in the case that i dont know enough about the product and i think you might wanna see a link of it.

- Thank you for your time :)


Jul 18, 2011
I have all my documents media and everything on other drives and the SSDs are packed. I have too many programs on my C drive, i was wanting all my online games to fit on my C drive but they dont. But if ur saying it doesnt matter then why dont i keep everything where i know it is on the 600 gig drive or another drive, and run the games off the SSDs?
Sorry i shouldnt even be posting right now im exhausted and about to pass out lol

Any other opinions or anyone else agree with rolli? I still need to read the link but i cant wait to, but as i mentioned im about to pass out lol.

Thanks for the info and opinion rolli, ill probably try running that setup since ill be having 3 desktops now instead of 2 so i can manage my stuff better, plus all the extra drives i got will help immensely :)