Question Question regarding Xbox Series S And Adaptive Controller ?

Feb 20, 2021
To start this topic off, I recently purchased an Xbox Series S mainly for the new Microsoft Flight Simulator that just got released to Xbox Series X|S consoles.
Since I have a Logitech Extreme 3D Pro joystick laying around, I decided to use that for my main joystick in Microsoft Flight Simulator, however, I came upon an issue. The issue is that when I connected the Logitech joystick into one of the USB ports on the console itself, my joystick wouldn't be recognized, even with all the USB ports tested.

I started doing some research and saw the Xbox Adaptive Controller as this piece of hardware is compatible with the Logitech joystick, so I purchased it.
Upon arrival, I connected everything (joystick to the adaptive controller and adaptive controller to the console) as followed by the manual and noticed that only some buttons function on the joystick when connected to the adaptive controller. For example, I can pitch up and down, move the aircraft ailerons left and right but can't move the rudder nor the throttle on the joystick as those buttons don't even seem to function at all.

With all this explained, is there a fix to this issue so that I can have full use of the joystick in the console version of Microsoft Flight Simulator?