Question Question related to Acer Nitro 5's lid and its durability.


Jul 23, 2017

I have an Acer Nitro 5, it is plastic model. I want to ask if it is safe to turn my laptop around holding just the lid of my laptop on one side, is Nitro's lid durable enough to withstand this or it can cause me hinge issues or some problem like this later on? If turning my laptop left and right holding just the lid of laptop can cause problems, what kind of problems would it cause? Someone turned my laptop all around holding just the lid of my laptop on one side, and from what I have heard. It is never a good move to open a laptop holding just the lid on one side, rotating it all around sounds even more damaging. I am kind of worried and I am not sure things that I must check to make sure it has not been damaged because of it.

Overall I also want to know more about Acer Nitro 5's durability, is it durable enough to withstand some false moves or it can cause long term damage later on if handled carelessly? It is a plastic model, so I try my best to be careful, but sometimes my friends handle it with literally no care so I am quite worried.

If possible also let me know some protection tips for Acer Nitro 5 build if you have experienced something before with it.