Question Question Should I go for the and Ryzen 5 2600 or Ryzen 3 2200g for gaming?


It depends on your monitor resolution. I would think that the 2200g, for example, would be good for 720p maybe at 30fps, maybe a bit higher.

I think the 2400g or 3400g manages 720p high details at 60fps, but 1080 has to be lower details and lower performing.

If you want say, high details 1080p @ 60fps in mostly modern-ish games, then the integrated GPUs in the Ryzens, good as they are, won't be enough, and probably a 2600 with a discrete video card is the way to go. Or the 1600AF (basically a slightly downclocked 2600) if you're in the US or another country where it's available for a low price (In the US, the 1600AF is generally available for $85).