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Question Question to if my mobo is dead

May 5, 2020
Hey guys.
So i guess this question has been ask alot and i have read these and tried the different solutions.

My story is that i bought a new case, new ram and a samsung evo plus 500 gb m.2 ssd.

I put it all together and i got into the bios.
My microsoft was on my old ssd (which i first installed later because i wanted to install windows on my new m.2 with a flash drive).
I couldnt find my m.2 in bios and my system coudnt start (i guess because it couldnt find my old system).

Then i updated the bios because i read somwhere that it could solve my problem with identifying my m.2 ssd isue.

After that i cant get a signal on my monitor.
I tried to clean my cmos and changing my mobo battery, but nothing...
The pc is running with fans and lights but no signal.

I also tried to replace the ram in different ram slots and also put the old ram in the system to make sure that the new ones wasent broke.

I also tried to replace the psu (just to make sure), but nothing.

Tried another GPU but didnt work.

I even tried to reinstall my cpu too see if that could change anything... (no pins were bend or broke)

So before i go out and invest in a new cpu and mobo (if its dead) i wanted to ask you guys if you could advice me in any way.

My specs are:
Windows 10 Home 64 bit.
Intel i5-8400
Cryorig M9i - cpu cooler.
Asus ROG Strix B360-F Gaming (mobo)
Asus rog strix 2060 6gb (GPU) also pretty new.
16 gb corsair rgb pro 2666 mhz which my mobo supports (changed from my old 16GB 2400MHz Team Vulcan)
120GB SSD Kingfast (with my windows on, bought the samsung evo plus 500gb to replace that.)
1TB Harddisk seagate barracuda (for games and other stuff.)
psu: Corsair VS650 - 80+ White (last week i bought a new psu because i was scared that it was damaged because my computer wouldnt shut down after i clicked the "shut down button. The new one is a "corsair rm850w".
I changed my case from a NZXT S340 Elite to a nzxt 510 elite.


I meant physically disconnecting the sata and power cables from the drives.

But it seems like the attempt to update the bios may have being the cause of the issue. How old are the motherboard? Maybe you can complain to Asus or the dealership?