Sep 27, 2006
If you buy a mobo with 1066 mhz FSB and later upgrade the bios to make it a 1333mhz FSB, will it be the same as buying a native 1333mhz mobo or would the native board come with better components?


Dec 14, 2005
without going into specific MBs... generally, if a 1333fsb MB is released after a 1066fsb MB, the 1333fbs MB will likely have better components onboard, so the 1333fsb will then be better (usually)...

and the same holds true if a particular 1066fsb MB was released after a 1333fsb mb... the 1066fsb MB will likely have better components onboard, and the 1066fsb with then be better (usually)

(im stating the obvious, i know lol)

a bios update will mostly just fix problems, and allow compatability with different parts... but, it wont actually change the physical condition of the components, or how they interact so much really, or improve upon them at all... theyll still be the same... i guess simply, a bios update will just extend the lifespan of an older MB, allowing compatability with newer parts (and other fixes and such), but it usually wont be the same as the 1333fsb MB, in that respect

(this is all assuming theyre released at different time periods too, if theyre released in the same time period, you would need to compare the MBs directly to see what the physical differences are between them, and what things they offer support for, that a bios update might not be able to provide)