Questions about 9800 performance


Apr 18, 2004
I just picked up a 9800 pro on thursday and I've got a question regarding it's performance. So far, I've experienced quite a few slow downs in the games i've been playing recently. Ex: Raven Shield, Splinter Cell 2, KOTOR, etc.. I guess I assumed that, with all the praise and benchmark results, I would have pretty much near flawless gameplay. Don't get me wrong, it's way faster than my old card.. Perhaps I'm expecting too much of it. I just always hear people say that they run all of their games at max res without a hitch. It hasn't been that way with me. With old games, sure, but not the newer releases.

My 3dmark03 score was around 5600. which is above the bench results here. I dunno.. is it normal to have these games run slow?

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Jan 4, 2003
what card did u have before? what drivers are you using? post your specs.

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Did you do a clean install of the drivers? Do you defrag regularely? Are you running a slow CPU? How much memory do you have?

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