Question Questions about gaming laptop CPUs


Jan 20, 2018
As I am living abroad I need to have a laptop instead a desktop for now. I have some general questions of gaming laptop CPUs:

  • As I could see, gaming laptop CPUs, mostly H series, but in some extent HK series are far weaker than desktop counterparts compared to GPUs. Why gaming laptops are generally more powerful in GPU than CPU compared to desktops?
  • In my case my laptop from end 2020 has CPU Intel Core i7 10750H which as I can see in UserBenchmark is about the same performance as between desktop Intel Core i7 6700K and Intel Core i7 7700K. However I see in very few internet sites there are customizable laptops where apparently you can put a desktop CPU on a laptop. This site is PCSPECIALIST. Do you think it worth the money? Will these laptops perform similar to a desktop computer?
Thank you in advance


The platform is optimized to cater to slimmer form factor and that also means a lackluster cooling solution to fit the form of a slim laptop which in all fairness is a shrunk down version of your desktop. If laptops had every component replaced with a desktop grade part, you'd have a mobile computing device that was bulky and cumbersome to carry.

You shouldn't use Userbenchmark to tell you what sort of performance you have since that site is flawed. You're also comparing a 6th and 7th gen desktop processor against a 10th generation processor from intel's own portfolio which isn't an apples to apples comparison.

Pick a laptop according to your budget, form factor and the tasks that you intend to drop on the laptop.