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Nov 12, 2019
Hello, iam looking different type of monitors to buy this week and i have some questions. I'm between some options, and i looked some reviews and forum threads about people who have it.

First of all, i want the monitor to play FPS and code. So the miniums i am search it are 144hz 1ms and adjustable base.

AOC 24G1 is one of the first options, i search some information and thoughts about and the only reason i am not really sure about get this monitor is because is VA Panel and some people experiment headaches because texts are little bit blurry and i want it to play and code (so i need good text definition). I look at this on reddit.

AOC 24G1

Benq GL2450 (random monitor)

Another option i have is Millenium MD25PRO , i see this panel is TN and i don't have any problem about it (iam not to exquisit about colors but i am kinda worry if there is a big color difference between VA and TN panels). I didn't find any review about so i can't give more information.

My specs are:

Ryzen 5 2600
AMD RX 580

If you have any good recomendation between 200-230€ comment it below. If you can help i really appreciate it, if you need more info make me know it.

Thank you all :)


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