Questions About My Future System


Dec 6, 2014
I just wanna make sure I have everything right by asking some questions (If you're responding, please put the question number you are responding to):

1. Is the A88X FM2+ Chipset good for overclocking the Athlon X4 860K?

2. Is the Cryorig H7 a good CPU cooler for overclocking the 860K to clocks of around 4.3GHz?

3. On the Cryorig H7, the airflow for the fan is 49CFM.
Is that good?
Can I switch it out for a fan with almost double the CFM if the pre-installed fan isn't good enough?

4. Will the X4 860K be enough for running GTA V at high settings and Just Cause 3 (When it comes out) at high settings paired with an XFX R9 280X?

5. For my RAM I chose out DDR3 Kingston HyperX Fury Black at 1866MHz and a CAS Latency of 10.
Will this be better than the same thing but at 1600MHz and a CAS Latency of 9?

6. Will the quad cores in the 860K be enough for 1080P 60FPS video rendering?
That's the only thing I do when editing a video.

7. Will the Arctic Silver Arcticlean thermal paste remover and purifier be good?
I hear it is.

8. What is a lint free cloth or sheet I can use to clean?
Toilet paper? My shirt? A cotton swab?

9. Will the Arctic Accelero Xtreme IV or III be better cooling the R9 280X's XFX cooler, or can I just go ahead and upgrade my parts (CPU, GPU, Motherboard, and maybe RAM) and then watercool the new parts?
(Later on)

10. Will I need 2 reservoirs if watercool my CPU and GPU?

11. How would I power the watercooling components (I think the pump is the only thing that needs to be powered).

12. Will CPU thermal paste work on the GPU? (I think it will)

13. If I install a waterblock on the XFX R9 280X, will it void my warranty?
(I don't think it will)

14. If I switch out the XFX thermal pads with new and higher rated ones, will that increase performance of the parts with the thermal pads?

15. Can I use the back of the Asus A88X-PLUS as a mouse port and keyboard port?

16. Does Hitachi make good hard drives?
I've seen they have a lower amount / chance of a drive failure than Western Digital.

17. Is Arctic Cooling MX4 thermal paste the best around?
I've seen people say that AS5 it old and modern thermal pastes will beat it.

18. How do I do a straight bend (Like a perfect 90 Degree angle or another type of angle that makes your floppy tubing straight. Do I need hard tubes?) with tubing for water cooling

19. Will the Fractal Design Define S be able to hold every part mentioned in this thread?
(2 Reservoirs, tubing, the motherboard, more watercooling things that I'm too lazy to mention)
(And also, I think the Define S is made for watercoolers)

20. Is a pump/reservoir hybrid good or is is better to get a separate pump and reservoir?
I don't care about the tiny advantages.
Just which one is best for the money.

21. Are XFX power supplies good?
I think they are.

22. Is the sound cushions on the Define S good?
I want no sound to be heard or extremely little sound.
If they aren't, I can just get some be quiet! sound cushioning.

23. On the Define S, I can mount a 480MM radiator, would this give better performance for watercooling?
Or will it interfere with my CPU cooler?

24. If I manipulate the fans so they blow on the tubes and reservoir, will that improve cooling performance?

25. How big of a reservoir would I need to have to hold enough liquid to pump throughout the GPU waterblock and throughout the CPU waterblock?

26. How much tubing would I need?
Should I just get a lot and just have that for safe measures?

27. Is it better to get a watercooling kit such as this one.
I think it is because I don't know anything about fittings.

28. Will the CPU block in the kit above work with an FM2+ CPU since the website doesn't say it is compatible with an FM2+ CPU.

Below are questions on external devices:

29. I will do a lot of gaming on this because my laptop right now can't do that so I want to use a capture card.
How do I use the capture card?
Do I run an HDMI in cable to the capture card and then run an HDMI out cable to the monitor?

30. Is a UPS necessary?
Like just to be prepared for power outage or a blackout.
I haven't power shortages in a while.

31. Is the onboard sound on the Asus A88X-PLUS good for gaming or should I get something like an external sound card.

I will add more questions.
Please don't expect an immediate reply from me. (Please wait at most 1 week)


Dec 13, 2010

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