Build Advice Questions about my next RBG/Stream build and the best z490 motherboard for overclocking?

Oct 12, 2020

I'm planning to upgrade from this system i am using right now so i can play 1440/4k and maybe try livestream in the future. Here is my specs right now.

My budget is around 2842 dollars

And this is what im planning to upgrade

Motherboard: Asus Rog Maximus XII extreme z490 or MSI godlike z490

Processor: I9-10900k (want to overclock this to 5.3 ghz with good temps)

Cooler: NZXT Kraken z73

RAM: Same RAM as before but also bought more Corsair RAM/RBG RAM i believe it's one 2x16 and one 2x8. See if i can put that other RAM in the old pc in the new pc.

Storage: Same as before

Case: Either Lian Lii o-11 dynamic, o-11 razer edition or Lian Lii XL (most likley XL so i can put a lot RBG fans in the future + mount the radiator on top cause i heard in the o-11 dynamic it was too tight?). I'm considering going 9 or 10 fans setup when i can afford it. Thinking about either Corsairs QL120 or Thermaltake Quad or Riing trio (The thermaltake can sync with the razer stuff i have). I might plan to vertically mount my GPU as well. If you have used those fans/ecosystem let me know which you liked the best.

Video card: Same as before

Power supply: Same as before (not sure if i will need a more powerful one)

Monitor: Same as before

Multiple examples of how i would want my build to look like:




(25:00 timestamp)


(8:05 timestamp)

(Only works if you use thermaltake synced with razer things, which is mostly my setup.

I was gonna hear your opinions about the motherboards if you know the real difference or what brand to go with? Obviously want the best motherboard you could find.

The websites for each motherboard and specs and it's specs:



I watched two comparesion websites between them and what you get out of the box from each motherboard. and

The main difference i could see is ASUS has 2 more USB ports and offers a lot of motherboard supported software (which seems to have variations of use and quality) and memory OC 4800 where the MSI does 5000 memory OC?

Also individual videos about discussing the boards or reviewing the boards

(MSI/ASUS discussion/first look)

(0:00 to 8:00, MSI discussion)

OC3D TV review of MSI: (MSI review, claiming MSI runs hotter then ASUS) (ASUS review) (ASUS review)

(ASUS review)

(ASUS preview)

Since i'm planning to put RBG ecosystem in my build i also wanted to look at both their RBG software since i'm planning to put either 9-10 Corsairs QL120 fans or 9-10 Thermaltake Quad/Riing into my system. I might also buy a nanoleaf panel which i heard can sync with razer/MSI boards but not sure if ASUS supports it.

(Review of both ASUS/MSI RBG sofware)

I'm sorry if i made a long post just about this but could use some advice. I personally don't build computers myself (i let my big brother do that) but just wanted to know if you have any suggestions, experiences or ideas about my new build/examples i gave in the post and if you could try answer the questions i asked in the post it would be great :)