[SOLVED] Questions about overclocking RTX 2080

May 29, 2019
Hey everyone,

I just built my new PC and have been getting everything the way I like it, however on this build I wanted to try overclocking my GPU. I've never really done it because when I first tried it in 2013 my 16 year-old self fried it haha. So I guess I have a few questions.

  1. Is it even worth overclocking? My GPU already has a very slight overclock and I've never really felt the need to do it but I'll do it if its worth the extra frames.
  2. What is a good benchmark to aim for with a 2080?
  3. Would I need water cooling to get any real performance bump?
Thanks in advance!
May 29, 2019
with graphics cards performance every little bit counts and you may be able to get a 400mhz+ overclock with stock cooling and an fps increase of 13 or more in some cases when I overclocked a 1080 to almost 2ghz core frequency I saw an fps boost of 23 fps and if you do the liquid cooling you can go even farther but as long as the thermals allow it go for it until you get instability I think it is worth it to overclock the card no matter how much it is it is still something higher than it was and it could possibly make or break getting 4k 60 fps at max setting with ray-tracing on ultra and fx on ultra in battlefield v. and if I understand your question right then I would recommend msi afterburner and using the oc scanner which basically overclocks it for you it tries out frequencies in increments and sees if it is stable it go up until it becomes unstable and sets it at the optimal point without instability.
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