Questions about SSD compatibility regarding motherboard

Aug 15, 2018
Hello there everyone,

This is a first time post for me and I have to admit, I am a complete noob when it comes to pc hardware and software. I will definitely appreciate your help on this.

Since I am a noob, I brought a prebuilt PC for gaming. Now, I am looking at making an upgrade to this PC in terms of storage (adding an SSD). However, I have a B350M Bazooka motherboard and the way I see it, my RX 580 GPU covers most of the PCIe slots and the m.2 slot leaving one Pci_e3 spot at the bottom of the board. My question is, how would I go about installing a SSD with this setup? Since I am pretty new to this, I would love your recommendations for the easiest way to install a SSD on this board, if possible. I tried to figure this out but it was quite tough and I was overwhelmed with the types of SSDS and compatibility with boards and pcie gen and types.

Thank you in advance!



You don't need to connect an SSD via PCIe.
You can connect it via SATA.
You probably have open SATA ports on the MB to connect to.
A SATA SSD isn't as fast as a PCIe SSD but for me it's plenty fast for games and whatever else I do. Regardless... a SATA SSD is way faster than a SATA HDD.