Questions about VESA mounting with different screen sizes


Apr 14, 2015
Hello all.
I'm currently using an Asus PG278QR (27" 1440p 144Hz Gsync) as my gaming monitor, and a AOC E2275PWJ (22" 1080p 60Hz) as secondary monitor for browsing, tv shows,...

I'll be buying a Nintendo Switch this week, and as I don't own a TV, I'd like to add a new 3rd monitor (perhaps a 24" 1080p 60Hz) to my setup.
I plan to keep gaming on my Asus gaming monitor, and browsing on either the AOC or the new one, alternatively playing my Switch on the new one.
The problem is that I would lose even more space on my desk by doing adding a 3rd monitor (because of the monitor standards).
I also don't want to spend loads of cash on setting this up, as my Asus PG278QR already quite a lot (in my opinion).

I've been thinking about putting my monitors on a (triple) VESA mount.
Most youtube videos I see concerning VESA mounts, I see people just setting up 3 of exactly the same monitor (size/model)
Here are some questions I have:

- Can you put like, 3 different monitor sizes (for example: 1 x 24", 1 x 27" and 1 x 22" in that order from left to right) on a 3 monitor VESA mount?
If so
- Can this be done without having gaps in between the monitors?
- Can this be done with all triple monitor VESA mounts, or do I have to look out for certain properties in their descriptions?
- Would I be able to align the bottom of the actual monitors (not the bezels, but the actual watchable area) with each other?

If not
- Is it an option to add 2 27" 1080p monitors, or will 27" 1080p screen be too pixelated?
- Should I add 2 27" 1440p screens instead? Which ones? how do get the bezel size (to align with the Asus PG278QR) right?
- Or should I just buy 2-3 seperate 1-monitor VESA mounts?

Thanks in advance for the help.
I will be adjusting this post as info/thoughts come in.
Yes, you could have a triple monitor mount that could hold different sizes and they can be placed together, no gaps, or in different positions.
You need full motion articulating mount, like the one on this link:

Why won't you connect the Nintendo Switch to one of the monitors you already have?
You could just switch inputs, since you won't be using them all at once.



Feb 1, 2017
To get all 3 monitors aligned exactly the way you want with a single mount, you might need a more expensive one like what was mentioned by jojesa. The least expensive solution may be to use individual mounts, which will total to around $80 with less expensive options. If you're not too concerned about alignment though, you can get a good triple monitor stand with more basic straight arms for around $70 or less.

Getting a 1080p or 1440p monitor will depend on your personal preference. A 1440p monitor will of course look sharper, but also remember that the Switch has a maximum resolution of 1080p.