Questions about xw9300


Dec 22, 2008
hi everybody, noob so be nice.
have acquired a hp xw9300 as payment for some work done for client. I`ve did some research on it but there are
couple of questions I need answered. I know this alot of computer, and all I am going to be doing is everyday,
internet, digital photo work, and some music recording
#1 This pc uses ecc memory, can I use non-ecc if I want to upgrade? only 2gb
#2 Will I be able to use windows 7pro 64bit ?
#3 Will I have problems running everyday apps with dual processors? (hp info stated something about that but
info is outdated). <2005
I`ve been using for a couple of days , no problems, just want to clarify a few questions,, thx
1. Memory must be ECC registered DDR-400
2. Yes.
3. You can run everyday applications just fine. Some will take advantage of both processors, some won't.