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Question questions 'bout the gammax 400


Jan 23, 2018
will it fit in my mobo? It's a biostar h81mhv3 and since the ram slots are ontop of the fan, can I install the gammax 400 horizontally? -> https://prnt.sc/t5pluo this is what my mobo looks like inside the case. my cpu is an i3 4170


Intel Master

This was covered in your previous thread: intel stock cooler help. Are you back to a push-pin cooler and looking for other opinions?

From your previous thread:

"Intel's stock coolers are notorious for the push-pins to stretch over time, or pop loose from the motherboard, so dust may not be the only problem; check for a loose push-pin. Additionally, be aware that although the GAMMAXX 400 is a decent cooler, it also uses push-pins. You might want to instead select another inexpensive cooler that has proper fastening hardware with a backplate."

And ...

about a better cooler, I was originally planning to get the hyper 212 led(not the evo one) but I don't know if it'll fit because it's supposed to be installed vertically right? well If I install it vertically, I won't be able to install my ram and I don't know if It's ok to install it horizontally..
"Yes, provided that your case has a rear and a top fan that are both oriented as exhaust, and front fan(s) as intake, which is the standard configuration for optimal airflow, then any Hyper 212 variant should work well in a bottom to top airflow orientation.

However, that may not be necessary if you install the memory modules before installing the cooler, but keep in mind that if you ever need to troubleshoot or replace memory, you'll have to remove and reinstall the cooler.

Also, since your i3-4170 is not overclockable and is only 54 Watts TDP, the Hyper 212 is considerable overkill. Nevertheless, it does have a backplate, and you can always use the cooler on your next rig."

Just to clarify, if you mount the cooler perpendicular (bottom to top airflow) to the standard configuration (front to back airflow), the fan won't be an issue because it'll be on the graphics card side of the cooler, and the fins shouldn't extend far enough to reach or overlap the memory modules, so all your components should clear one another.

From your screenshot, it appears that your case uses a top-mounted power supply, so that means the power supply intake fan would be pulling in much of the cooler's exhaust, which will work, but is it's not the most ideal thermal configuration. Also, your case has no rear exhaust fan, so exhaust air from the case is removed through the power supply, which is again, not the most ideal thermal configuration.

You've mentioned which motherboard, CPU and cooler you currently have, but you haven't provided your complete system specifications. Please list exactly which case, memory modules and power supply you have. Many times, critical dimensions are provided by manufacturers on their websites, such as case and cooler clearances as well as memory module height, so clearances can be determined prior to purchasing parts.

CT :sol: