Question Questions for someone knowlegable in cablemod rgb strips!

Nov 10, 2018
I have some questions regarding the cablemod rgb strips:

1. there are hybrid like RGBW and RGBUV and the normal one! whats the difference cuse i want to use tham in aura sinc and dont know if the software even supports uv or white! if the difference only the white and uv i would stick to the normal cablemod widebeam!?

2. do the normal cablemod widebeam rgb magnetic ones come with an adhesive tape? cause i would use them behind my desk to light up and ont he photos i dont see an adhesive tape on the normal ones!

3. for the desk i would ask how many 60cm long strips i can use in a line i would need around 4 so in total 240 cm of light strips!

4. im a bit unsure cause you have to connect them to the 4pin 12 vrgb header and was asking myself if these are individual adressable lights! i want the rainbowwavemode! BUT aura has not good rainbowmode so i let my aura light be unconnected to aura and run at stock so they have a beautiful rainbowwave! is the rainbowmode the standardmode of the cablemod led strips when you start them up the first time?

THANKS in advance