Questions i need to get answered quickly ~ FIrst RIG


Apr 9, 2009
Ok i have a couple questions before i order the rig. I NEED TO HAVE IT ORDERED BY TODAY. SO can someone please help me gt these answered quickly?

How does this look I just need to add a Cooler MAster 690 + Q9400.

Is everything alright? ( As in compatible and nothing else in its price range destroys it?)

IS the artic cooler 7 worth 32$ if im not going to overclock my Q9400?

Is it worth going from ddr2 800 to ddr2 1066. The jump is about 30$. Worth it? Was thinking this

In this video at around 23 seconds what is that? Is that some kind of fan control? Anyone know what kind? it looks BA.

Are fan controls necessary? And i've been already told that i don't really need additional fans on my CM690 but does any feel that i do? I feel like adding 2 120mm fans on the empty slots on the top w/ blue led idk if its necessary or not.

Can anyone give me/ direct me to a guide that explains everything i have to do after i build it. From Bios config to Fan/Heat Programs, os installation, driver installation and benchmarking/any other programs i need to know about.

And the last question:Which one of these motherboardsis the best:// , And is the 115$ worth the 15$ jump?
The stock cooler is fine if you're not overclocking. 800 MHz memory is good enough. You won't be able to detect the difference between 800 MHz and 1066 MHz memory, unless you run benchmarks.

Fan controls are not necessary. Additional fans are not necessary if you don't overclock, but add them if you wish to (it will keep the system a bit cooler).

Your links don't work properly. The secure link can be viewed only if you provide your account and password (please don't). The motherboard links provide a list of motherboards, not a single one.