Question Questions on Liquid cooling

Dec 23, 2018
I am used to building with air cooled CPU's since they are a little cheaper in price.

I am interested in spending more on a liquid cooler but had some questions on a reliablity standpoint. :

If i bought a liquid cooler i would probably buy the Corsair H100i (I think is the model, its the most popular one, right around $100).

I have heard horror stories of coolers leaking and ruining GPU or parts of the computer. How often does this happen and does it happen to good coolers?

Also do liquid coolers have a long life expectancy?
the little that I do know about water cooling I first tried a H60 of ebay just a cheap thing to see and it made a terrible noise and was worse than air then I bought a h115 because of the size of the radiator the fans do not have to work as much causing less noise but the corsair fans are really not that great they do the job but I got a pair of NOCTUA NF-A14 PWM 140MM PREMIUM PC FAN off ebay for £30 and now I cant hear a thing very impressed running same speed or faster PC is completely silent as for how long the coolers last I have no idea but I am on year 7 and would never go back to air the corsair software is nice and works well


Aug 12, 2017
I have never had a catastrophic failure caused from a leak on any of my 3 Amd systems using corsair coolers.
I have been water cooled for about 5yrs.
I own 2 x h110i, 1x h100i with the h110i being the cooler I like best.
Reason way
Pump head mounting is done using the mobo's stock cpu mounting bracket on Amd's am3 and am4's. So No messing with cpu backplate needed.

280mm rad which is good sized for good cooling potential and case mounting options.
And I also upgraded the 2x140's to the noctua 3000 rpm 110cfm fans.

On my ryzen 2600x with xfr2 and pbo enabled fans at max running prime95 small ftt for max heat over 8hrs temps never go above 76c measured by hwinfo64, core temp, and ryzen master.

As far as the corsair software goes i don't care for the ique as i don't seem to get the full fan speed out of them no matter how i set it to run. Ique can be ran if you have other corsair products such as wireless headset so you can control the both from 1 software.
I use corsair link4 for my ryzen which i don't use rgb or headset so i have full control of fan and pump speed.
Hope some of this helps.