Questions on P35C-DSR


Jan 4, 2005
I just got my rig running and it uses a gigabytes P35C-DSR3, I got a few questions here since it's my first time not using an Asus MB.

1) I know that my RAM have a voltage of 2.1v as default, eventhough my rig is running I'd like to know where is the set up to manuely set the voltage at that value. I cant seem to find it anywhere in the bios.

2) Second, It's the first time I am using an after maket HS. It's on Arctic cooler. I have noticed that the fan is not always working this seems weird to me, is this normal or it's a sort of automatic setup and it runs when need be. Anyways, I like to make it run all the time is there any bios setup for that as well ?

thanks in advance


Jul 22, 2007
Same board here. Loving it so far.

1) Look for the System Voltage Control and switch to [Manual] on the M.I.T screen.
Then put DDR2/DDR3 OverVoltage Control to [+0.3V] to get to 2.1V from stock 1.8V
(Hit Ctrl-F1 on main BIOS page to access RAM timings on the MIT screen by the way)

2) I'm not sure if the HSFan should throttle to zero. Is the CPU running hot? You can see the fan RPM and temperature on the Health page of BIOS, but I don't think there is any changeable BIOS fan rate setting. On that page, though, you can set an alarm to sound if the CPU fan is disconnected or fails.

Good luck.